Case Study

Historic F2 Racing and Aston Martin Vanquish

A9 Lubricants have been a little known secret for quite a few years and have definitely given me the edge in mechanical reliability and performance. In particular, INJECTECO fuel treatment has saved me a lot of money in mechanical race fuel pumps, which are an expensive and normally fast wearing component.

A9 Technology is such an impressive performer, I just would not consider racing without engine, transmission and fuel treatments from A9.

My road going Aston Martin Vanquish also has all A9 Technology products. Only a couple of months ago I had the car serviced (A9 lubricants used throughout) and headed to Pau in France for a race weekend. On returning home from a 3,000 mile round trip with some quite rapid driving, I checked the oil. Oil consumption, nil. Colour of oil, as new; no discolouration at all: which illustrates how A9 absorbs moisture and protects the engine from sulphur and carbon deposits. A9 is quite remarkable stuff.

Before that I treated my old Mercedes 380 SL to the full treatment of A9 when the  car had 72,000 miles completed, stupidly I sold the car at some 180,000, having only ever serviced it and replaced a battery. I know for a fact the car is still running perfectly with over 350,000 miles completed.

David Wild, Historic F2 owner and performance car enthusiast

Case Study

Racing Engines

We have been delighted with the performance of A9 products in every respect and know that it gives our team additional confidence in the reliability of their engines.

We began using A9 a number of years ago despite the scepticism of our most experienced director. At the end of the racing year we send our engines back for winter rebuilds. The proprietor of the engine shop called after starting work on the first engine, to say that he didn’t think we had raced that engine and asked if we had sent back the wrong engine. It had in fact done a full season of races. This became the usual refrain from our engine man and our sceptic was convinced that A9 was making a significant difference, namely a huge reduction in wear. We had the same experience following a precautionary rebuild of a Ferrari engine that had raced for two full seasons, this time the supplier called to say that the good news was that the engine was perfect; the bad news was that we need not have sent it back, but there would be a small bill as they had already spent time starting the strip down!

A9 Lubricants have saved our customers an incalculable amount of money over the years and delivered superb performance and reliability. In motorsport reliability is key, finishing races saves a fortune if you think about it. You spend a lot of money to race and its a total waste if you don’t get to finish!

Neil Fowler, Director, Neil Fowler Motorsport

Case Study

Road Haulage – Switzerland

Company : Bregy Transport & Logistik GmbH

Daily mileage : 800 km

A9 Technology  applied to this vehicle :

1 MOTORECO® PL treatment in the engine

1 TRANSECO®  treatment in the gearbox

1 INJECTECO®  treatment in the fuel tank

During a month of using  A9 TECHNOLOGY ®  treatments (over 16’000 km), this vehicle achieved the following test results:

Fuel Savings: 2.3% (CHF 15.44 per day, CHF 4,014.40 per annum)

Cost of 2 treatments over 1 year: CHF 221.72

Annual Cost Savings ‘per vehicle’: CHF 3,792.68 + longer engine and transmission life and lower emissions.

Case Study

Classic Car – Morris Minor Charity Challenge

Dear Sirs,

Many thanks for promptly dispatching the A9 Motoreco VL for use in my Morris Minor on our endurance drive from Lands End John O’Groats and back, in aid of Cancer Research.

What can I say other than it works! Prior to using Motoreco, the oil consumption was approximately 1/2 litre per 350 miles. After 1,000 miles of driving, the oil consumption was negligible.

The engine is a 1275cc ‘A’ series and has been tuned to produce 80bhp. It has run at between 4,500 and 5,000 rpm for 291/2 hours. The engine appeared to be more responsive and performed faultlessly, seeming quieter and most definitely cutting down on the amount of ‘mist’ coming from the oil. That means that the oil temperature must have been lower, although I have no instrument in the car to confirm this.

Since using Motoreco the car starts fine first time without the usual cloud of smoke.

Yours faithfully


Case Study

Private Car – France

This vehicle received during the test :

1 MOTORECO®  VL treatment for its engine

1 TRANSECO®  treatment for its gear box

1 INJECTECO®  treatment in the fuel tank

Average Fuel Consumption before test: 10.5 L/100 kms

Test duration: 6,275 kms over 137 days, mixed urban, mountain and motorway driving.

Average Fuel Consumption during test: 8.44 L/100 kms

Fuel Saving: 19.6%

Annual Mileage of vehicle: 16,718 kms

Fuel Cost Saving: EU€ 563.92

Cost of A9 Technology Treatments for 17,000 kms: EU€ 69.76

Net Cost Saving for this vehicle using A9 Technology: EU€ 494.16 per annum – and lower emissions!

Case Study

Volvo XC90 – France

Compression test and spark plug instection


A9 Volvo XC90 Compression Test

Compression Guage Readings

Case Study

WARTSILA – Ship’s Engine

Case Study

Diesel Generator – Lebanon

Case Study

Steve Noujaim’s World Record Flights

In 2010, Steve Noujaim broke not only the London – Cape Town flying record, but the return Cape Town – London record as well. His plane was a home-built, single prop RV7, fitted with a Lycoming 10-360 197 hp engine.

As a result Steve received the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators of London, Master’s Medal, at their annual Trophies and Awards Dinner. Throughout this epic challenge, Steve relied on A9 Technology to keep his engine sweet and performing to it’s maximum potential throughout. Fuel efficiency and reliability were critical on both challenges, to achieve the range he needed, whose routings took Steve over 900 kms of hostile mountain ranges in central Africa. There was not a chance of landing anywhere in such terrain, so every element of engine reliability was critical – Steve’s life depended on it. On his return, Steve admitted that without A9 Technology an extra dimension of risk would have been added, which would have caused him a lot of stress. Relying on A9 Technology in such a life-threatening situation, with no opportunities for escape and world records hanging in the balance, is a true testament to the unique qualities and performance of Renan Biro’s A9 inventions.